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Published: 27th June 2011
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The growing importance of home and office security has prompted businesses to look for robust solutions, and roller shutters are one of the simplest of them. A roller shutter is made of strong materials, such as steel, aluminum and in recent years, PVC.

A roller shutter serves the basic purpose of securing a shop, business, house, or apartment from criminals who want what you have. The most common type is made of horizontal slats of material hinged together in a set pattern. Newer designs also have bars and web systems fused together to form a very strong shutter for maximum protection.

A roller shutters can offer excellent security for the windows or doors they are installed to protect. This is because the construction materials are strong and resistant to damage, and also because they offer a solid design which leaves no point for burglars to enter.

Even modern cutting tools have a tough time getting through most roller shutters. This isnít something anyone but the most determined criminal would attempt, as the noise alone should be enough to alert someone to call the police. This makes them the ideal deterrent for commercial premises. Given the added security features, many homeowners have started installing roller shutters when their homes are located in high-crime neighbourhoods.

There is also the added benefit with some types of shutter to advertise on the outside of them. Owners can either advertise their own business on them, or sell the space to make some extra income. The types of shutters made by Shutter Media offer this chance, while still looking high quality. If youíre going to make money advertising, you may as well do it properly.

Shuttered shops with graffiti or posters advertising anything from a fair to illegal raves look like eyesores. Having a decent quality shutter with a properly designed advertising spaces will set you apart from the crowd. That alone is worth the investment, even if you donít factor in any income from selling the space.

The most common type of shutter is one that is used for garage doors. This roller version is usually available in a standard horizontal format with slats of aluminum, steel or PVC. It is available in automatic as well as manual operation. Electric operation is preferred by many as it can be raised or lowered without effort.

Roller shutters can reduce the chances of car theft and burglary significantly. They can also be installed in the front and back doors of a residential property to prevent unauthorized entry. This type of barrier is popular among those fortunate enough to have a second or holiday home. It adds a reassuring amount of security when a property is unoccupied for a period of time.

A roller shutter can last for many years without any need for repair or replacement. A high quality roller shutter can easily last for ten years or more under normal conditions. Shutter Media suggests replacing them after they have been significantly damaged, such as in a ram raid, or when they begin to corrode. With the modern materials used nowadays, that can be a significant period of time

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